Brussels, 27 September 2019 — Those who want to hold a failing government to account, can only rely on the National Ombuds Authority; last ditch attempt. Once he was elevated to this office, Mr Reinier van Zutphen proved he isn’t a vessel for the milk of human kindness: He ousted the highly praised children’s ombuds representative Marc Dullaert, without compunction.

This attitude was repeated in the case of whistle-blower Edwin F. Giltay. On his request, the Ombuds Authority researched a military intelligence affair, later on described in The Cover-up General. Its published findings were based in part on false information as provided by the Ministry of Defence.

Despite multiple requests on Giltay’s part, Van Zutphen categorically refused to revoke his report.

Questions put forward by No Cover-up were not dignified with an answer. His uncouth rejection is not quite unique: National daily NRC Handelsblad once received a similar response.

All the more reason for No Cover-up to turn to the Members of the European Parliament and let them know about the unreasonable behaviour of the Dutch National Ombuds Authority. Are problems like these rife in the rest of Europe? Are more ombuds institutions prone to this kind of bumbling? Is pressure from the EU necessary? No Cover-up is on the case.

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